sweeper Sweep-On.net

SWEEP-ON.NET carries out scan of the virus of an Internet mail. A use charge is very good cost performance. If you have a domain, it is possible to introduce this service simply. Please apply to this service together with the host name of the true mail server your domain. We send the mail about the charge which must be paid to you. If you pay a charge, we will set up this service. We finish a setup and send mail to you. Please change MX record of your domain as we directed. Then, all are completion.

Service Charge :

The charge of this service is 2000 yen every month (minimum!). If you pay 2000 yen, a maximum of 10 mail addresses can be used. When you are required for 10 or more pieces, @166 - @150 yen per one mail address are needed. The method of paying can choose "convenience store", and "transfer to a bank account." (A tax is charged separately)

The application method :

If you wish to use this service, please contact us by WEB or Mail. We will communicate with you by mail or facsimile several times. The exchange should require only several times. Probably, peaceful every day is waiting after that.


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